House Speeches 2014

Every year, members of the TY (two from each house) are picked to stand up in front of the school and talk for about 3 minutes of a subject of their choice. You guessed it- I was picked. Last Sunday was house speeches evening. My speech was on stem cells, and it went quite well. Ella Ejase-Tobrise eventually won, (she spoke about people’s self-image) but my house Stackallan, won overall as myself and Thomas Meijer (who spoke about the ivory trade) had the highest combined points. It was a great evening and , although nerve-wracking , was enjoyable.

The House Speeche Contestants

The House Speeche Contestants

Mandarin Outing

I’m learning about Chinese Culture and the Mandarin Language , so last Saturday we went to University College Dublin to go to a presentation by the Confucius Society. There was chinese art, food, music and dancing, and many interesting displays set up by fellow TY pupils. It was a fun afternoon. Afterwards we went to McDonalds- always enjoyable!

Me trying out some Chinese Green Tea.

Me trying out some Chinese Green Tea.

Fundraising for Aware

So today and yesterday , Transition Year members were in Dundrum Shopping centre and Nutgrove Shopping centre fundraising for the charity Aware, which deals with depression. We were in Tesco’s packing peoples grocery bags, while holding buckets hoping for a donation. I’m not sure of the exact amount, but I think we raised quite a bit! I enjoyed myself and it felt good to help a great cause. We will be doing more charity work throughout the year.


Pictures from Wednesday

Goofing around with my friend Ciana

Goofing around with my friend Ciana

Grainy picture of the cow we milked

Grainy picture of the cow we milked


I somehow escaped the bog..


Poppy and Amelia’s bread


Everyone had a great time in the bog.


I was struggling to get out!

Us getting ready to Irish Dance

My year getting ready to Irish Dance

Results Day

So I received my results and I did well. One or two disappointments, but overall I was happy.

After we received our results, our year went to Causey Farm in Co. Meath. There, we milked cows, made bread, learned Irish dancing and jumped into a bog ( a lot more fun than it sounds). It was great fun and I soon forgot about any disappointment I had. I’m posting some pictures of the day- as you can see we had lots of fun! I’m the guy wearing a blue shirt (I’m in most of the photos) just letting you know seeing as any page viewers don’t know what I look like yet! I’ll post these pictures on a separate post as I had some trouble inserting them to this post.

Anyway, I have a biology essay to do, so see you soon!

My interests

I’m interested in biology , space, sport, (rugby, football and a bit of cricket) and movies. I’ll post some stuff on these subjects – but if there’s anything else that I find interesting, I’ll post it!

First Post

I’m Callum Pery-Knox-Gore, 15 years old, and I’m a 4th year student in St. Columbas College Dublin. In this blog I will make posts about my experiences and events of my Transition Year- these will include trips, outings, sports, any interesting classwork that I do, and pretty much anything else that I can think of that should be on here! 


Tomorrow is the first major day of TY- we will be getting our results from the Junior Certificate exams last year. After that, we will go on a trip to celebrate. Hopefully I’ll do well! I’ll post pictures and maybe a video or two on Thursday of that day. See you later!!